The Scoundrel Putin Continues His Threats! Russia Is Not Getting Smarter

‘he’ll destroy it in 3 minutes. We crush like bugs’ these statements are from Aleksey Zhuravlyov, Deputy Chairman of the Duma defense committee As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, on the other hand, Finland and as for whether Sweden will join NATO,there have also been striking discourses about Ukraine before Deputy Chairman of the defense committee of the Russian parliament Zhuravlyov, who signed this time to his goal he took England and Finland.Zhuravlyov threatened to strike Britain with a nuclear weapon. He claimed that it would take only 3 minutes. He argued that Finland would be deleted from the map within 10 seconds.

Criticizing Finland’s request to join NATO, Zhuravlyov said ‘if Finland wants to join this bloc, he used the words ‘our goal is absolutely legitimate’. Speaking about USA, yardimcis Committee Chairman ‘Well, if the United States is threatening our state, here’s a sarmat missile for you, If you think that Russia should not exist, there will be nuclear ashes in your place. The chairman of the occupying Russian committee Zhuravlyov also called on the United States for the realization of the third world war he claimed to have done everything possible.

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