The Russians Will Strike a Blow at the invading Putin! Putin Is Leaving

It’s been three months since Russia declared war on Ukraine. As both countries continue to suffer huge losses, world politics has changed irreversibly. While Russia has not achieved the success it wanted in the war, the country has now started talking about who will replace Putin. The Russian-Latvian media outlet Meduza claimed that Kremlin sources leaked dissatisfaction with Putin. According to the alleged bombshell that has fallen on the agenda, the Russian people aside, the entire Russian elite now thinks that Russian President Vladimir Putin should leave office.

Russian business people and government officials are having a very difficult time because of the sanctions, and now, aside from hiding the unrest over Putin, there has been talk about who should replace him. According to stunning reports, the Russian intelligence communities are also convinced of Putin’s incompetence over the Ukrainian War. The chief of Ukraine’s spy agency had said that Putin had survived an assassination attempt and was further isolating himself due to coup concerns.

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