The Russians Are Running Back! Ukraine Has Taken It Back

The eyes and ears of the world have been on the news from Ukraine for weeks. As the war intensified in the east of the country, the critical zone changed hands. One after another, flash statements about the issue came from the Ukrainian front. The war, which began on the orders of Russian President Putin, has been taking lives for weeks. The Russian army, which had set Kiev, the capital of the country, as the main target since the first day of the war, had withdrawn from the region after weeks of siege and turned its direction to the east of the country. In this context, Russia had targeted many cities located in this region. The expected statement from Ukraine about Kharkiv, one of those cities, has arrived. Ukrainian Defense Minister Valeriy Zalujni has announced that Russian forces have been repelled from Kharkiv.

The Washington-based think tank Institute for the Study of War said Ukraine ‘looks like it has won the Battle of Kharkov’. The statement stressed that the Ukrainian troops also prevented the Russian siege and then ‘expelled’ them from all over the city.

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