The Russian Vote at the UN! It was Unanimously Removed!

The massacre of Russia in Bucha

He mobilized the United Nations.
United Nations General Assembly withdraws from Human Rights Council over Russia’s human rights violations in Ukraine
he voted to have it removed.
During the vote in New York, Russia’s membership in the United Nations Human Rights Council was suspended.
193 members of the United Nations General Assembly participated in the voting.
There were 93 yes, 24 no and 58 abstentions in the voting.

Ahead of the vote, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the UN, Sergey Kislitsa,accused Russia of committing egregious violations.
‘In a few minutes we will have a chance to prove that he is not indifferent to those in Ukraine.
All we have to do is press yes, and pressing no means pulling the trigger.
The red dot that appears on the screen will represent the blood of innocent people. It note.’

Russia, North Korea and Syria condemned the vote

Kozmin, Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN,has denied the allegations against his country.
‘We reject this theater presented by Ukraine and the unfounded allegations about us.
This draft resolution, which was put to the vote today, has nothing to do with the facts on the ground.’

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba expressed their satisfaction with the UN Human Rights Council’s decision on Russia.
Membership of a country elected to the UN Human Rights Council can be suspended by a two-thirds majority decision.
The resolutions of the UN Human Rights Council are advisory.There is no legal binding

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