The Russian people want to get rid of Putin! They’re insulting Putin!

At a concert in St Petersburg, Russia, thousands of Russians cried out against the war in anger toward the concert. He swore. Sobol’s Twitter feed shows thousands of people watching the Russian group Winter-Winter. The crowd is always heard calling it “fuck the war.” The defiant opposition demonstrations took place on Friday night and the video sent thousands of responses online.

A Twitter user tweeted, “they can’t arrest everyone.” Another person said, “for those who believe that Putin’s propaganda machine has succeeded, “damn the war!” in St Petersburg! “listen to the fans screaming.” “If Russia’s support for the war was as high as the pollsters claim, such things would not have happened,” he tweeted, a third user and a last user concluded: “Many people in Russia do not have the courage to protest individually because they are fascist police. but in situations like this, they think they can express their ideas freely.”

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