The Russian Authorities Gave Putin the Bad News! The Heaviest Blow Since the Beginning of the War

The fourth month has now been entered in the Russian occupation of Ukraine, let’s tell you what happened on the 91st day of the invasion.According to the British media outlet BBC, The Ukrainian military shot down the SU25 jet, which was flying over the Luhansk region.Major General Kanamat Botashev was driving the plane. Botashev, unable to leave the plane, lost his life on the crashed plane.Botashev became the highest-ranking Russian officer to lose his life during the war. According to Ukraine, 12 Russian generals lost their lives during the war, while Moscow says that only 2 generals were killed. There is also an explanation for the food crisis caused by the war.

Russia humanitarian corridor for ships carrying foodstuffs to leave Ukraine he announced that they were ready to open. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrew Rudenko also touched upon the issue of the prisoner swap. He said that this possibility can be talked about after the trial of the surrendered Ukrainian soldiers. There is also a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense about the latest situation in Mariupol. It is stated that the port in the city has returned to normal operation.

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