The Russian Army Has Withdrawn! Putin Failed!

Russia continues to attack Ukraine.By order of Putin the occupation that has begun is concentrated in the east of the country.From the first day of the war Snake Island, which has not been off the agenda since, has been the scene of numerous conflicts. For this strategic point on the Black Sea, Russia has taken a remarkable step. Russia announces withdrawal of its forces on the island, calling it a ‘goodwill gesture’ he described it as.In the same statement, it was stated that the step in question is the agricultural products of Kiev it was underlined that he was thrown out to allow him to export.

The following statements were made by the Russian Ministry of Defense in a statement on the matter; ‘As a sign of good faith on June 30, the Russian armed forces performed their duties on Snake Island he completed it and withdrew a garrison stationed there.Ukraine called this development a ‘military success’. Yermak, a senior Ukrainian official, who rose from the island after last night’s attacks by sharing a photo of the smoke on his Twitter account, the Russian soldier is now on Snake Island he explained that he had not been found.

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