The Power of the Russian Army Has Melted! Putin Did Not Expect This Much

Day by day, the invading Russian army continues to suffer losses, according to the latest information obtained, the Russian army, which has suffered serious losses since the beginning of the war, is becoming weaker and slower in its attacks every day. The Ukrainian army, on the other hand, is getting stronger every day thanks to the help and the heroic people and continues to change the course of the war.

Since the beginning of the war, the losses of the Russian army has reached serious levels, if we talk about the Russian military invading them 41350, 942 artillery system multi barrel rocket launcher system 250, 116 anti-aircraft combat system, 233 aircraft, vehicle 2928 190 helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles 740, 15 ship/boat, 186 84 serious losses, including special equipment and ballistic missile in question, this situation a negative impact on the Kremlin administration lays out unsuccessful attacks. What do you think about these losses of Russia?

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