The Pentagon has approved it.Ukraine Sank the Russian Flagship Moscow!

A new development has taken place regarding the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet,

the Moscow, which Ukraine announced had been shot down and then Russia announced had been sunk. A senior Pentagon official says they have confirmed that Russia’s starboard ship, which sank in the Black Sea, was hit by two Neptune missiles launched from Ukraine.

Russia, which announced the sinking of the ship yesterday, did not make it clear that the ship had been shot down, but the statement was interpreted as confirming Ukraine’s claim. “We confirm that the Ukrainians shot down the Russian cruiser with two Neptune missiles,” a senior Pentagon official said in a statement.” he used the expression.

The official did not give any other details other than that. A senior Pentagon official had announced the previous day that Russia was withdrawing its ships further south in the northern Black Sea after an explosion on a Moscow cruiser. A previous statement by the Russian Defense Ministry said: “The ammunition found on the Moscow cruiser exploded as a result of a fire. The ship was seriously damaged. The entire crew has been evacuated. The cause of the fire is being investigated,”the statement said.

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