The Offer from Russia That Shocked the World! Putin Must Be Crazy!

Russia’s war on Ukraine 5. as the month continues, each both sides began to be crushed under the serious losses they had inflicted. Soldiers fighting on the Ukrainian front say they are running low on weapons and ammunition A serious shortage of personnel has arisen in Russia.British Dailymail According to the newspaper, Russian President Vladimir Putin is staffing he made an unusual decision to find a solution to his problem.

The Independent media of the newspaper according to the news that the organization is based on ISTORIES, Russia wants them to fight in Ukraine he began to recruit prisoners.The Wagner group, whose operation is known to have ties to Putin, has it is reported that he carried it out. The prisoners are said to have been recruited ‘to hunt down Nazis in Ukraine’. Each hired prisoner is given a monthly salary of 3 thousand pounds sterling, while after 6 months it was announced that their sentences would be cancelled if they returned alive.

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