The Number of Civilians Killed in Russian Attacks has exceeded 900

Kiev Regional Police Director Andrey Nebitov as the Russia-Ukraine war continues,

Russia attacks due to the number of civilians who died in the 900 region Kiev declared. Russian – Ukrainian war Area 51. on the day of the Kyiv Regional Police director Andrey Nebitov, at a press conference,

announced that civilian casualties in the region Kiev. The Ukrainian army in the region of control again detected that you provide in the body of more than 900 civilians was reported. According to Nebitov, the largest number of civilian casualties occurred in Buça, in this city of more than 350 civilians noted that the body was detected in.

Ukraine’s human rights ombudsman is Lyudmyla new Denisov made a statement. Noting that Russia targeted the hospital in Ukraine Denisov 324, “The Russian soldiers, the war since the beginning of 14% and 24 324 hit children’s Hospital hospital health facilities, it cannot be restored. Approximately 60 6 ambulances came under fire died and the doctor,” he said.

Denisov to what Russia did in Ukraine, saying that it was a war crime, “Such actions of the Russian army 8 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. it is a war crime under the article,”he said

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