The name behind Russia’s bloody Kramatorsk attack has been revealed!

The war between Russia and Ukraine has entered its 45th day. dec.

The world has not yet been able to shake off the shock of yesterday’s bloody train station attack. the identity of the Russian general who gave the order while Russia does not accept responsibility for the attack in which 52 people were killed has been revealed by Western sources The balance sheet of the

Russian army’s attack on the railway station with civilians waiting for evacuations in the city of Kramatorsk, located in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, continues to grow. Although Western sources deny that Russia organized the attack, they said that the order for the attack was given by the Russian General Aleksandr Dvornikov.

Aleksandr Dvornikov is a commander who served in the troops that Russia sent to Syria.

Dvornikov is widely recognized as the first high-ranking officer to be sent to Syria by Russia in 2015. Aleksandr Dvornikov was awarded the ‘Heroism’ award in 2016 after his achievements in Syria and was subsequently appointed Commander of the Southern Region.

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