The Move of the Ukrainian Engineer Destroyed the Russian Army!

Having failed to achieve results from its attempts to capture the Ukrainian capital Kiev, Russia had withdrawn its troops from here and turned all its attention to the Donbas region. Although Russia’s capture of Mariupol, the largest Ukrainian-held city in the Donbas region, has caused concern that the advantage in the region has passed to Russian troops, US intelligence has announced that Russian forces have not yet made clear progress. It is now known to everyone that Putin wanted an absolute victory in the Donbas to make him forget about the failure in the war. For about 1 month, soldiers and equipment have been massing in the region, and images from today showed that Russian troops hit a hard rock at the first step. A Ukrainian military engineer has identified the most likely point where Russia may try to cross the river on May 7. He suggested to his commanders to listen to the sound of tug engines pushing the pontoon bridge to keep track of the crossing.

The next morning, Russian soldiers burned the fields and threw a smoke bomb, smothering the river’s edge with smoke. Listening to the words of the Ukrainian engineer, the commanders realized that the Russian soldiers had arrived and started the attack by listening only to the engine sounds. Satellite images revealed that the bridge, along with dozens of Russian vehicles, collapsed, causing heavy casualties. The Ukrainian generals noted that the Russian offensive in the Donbas has largely stopped, and the Russian troops were forced to retreat and move to the defense north of Kharkov.

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