The list has been announced! Russia went crazy

As the support of the European Union continued, a flash came today from Germany. Ukraine, which has caused severe damage to the Russian army, continues to fight the support of Europe. The inventory of Ukraine, which is inadequate in the face of Putin’s vast inventory, requires serious support. Zelensky was told in his statements that he often needed a detail, and he received a reply from Germany.

Germany today shared a complete list of support for Ukraine. On the list, 500 Stinger missiles, 100000 grenades, 100 machine guns, 16 million bullets, It is said that it sends various weapons and materials to Ukraine, including 23000 helmets, 178 vehicles, 1 field hospitals and 1200 ill beds. In the future, Germany plans to provide weapons and materials such as armored vehicles, helmets, remote-directed mine removal tools, multi-barrel rocket launcher, Gepard-type anti-aircraft tank and ammunition, iris-T air defense system to Ukraine.

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