The Lie of Russia Has Been Revealed! Putin Is Disgraced!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.Andriy Yermak, the head of the Presidential Office of the President of Ukraine,made striking statements. “There are no more Russians on Snake Island,” Yermak said in a statement on his Telegram channel. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have an excellent he kicked them out with an operation.” he used the expression. Yermak pointed out that their withdrawal from Snake Island in Russia was presented as a goodwill gesture, He argued that the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense about the voluntary withdrawal from the Black Sea Island of Snakes is a “lie”. The Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine, Valeriy Zalujniy, also noted that Russian troops, unable to withstand the attacks of the Ukrainian army, were forced to leave Snake Island. “The occupation troops, unable to withstand our air strikes, left Snake Island,” Zalujniy said.

I am grateful to the defenders of the Odessa region, who took maximum measures to save a strategically important part of our territory.” he used his statements. The Chief of the General Staff, Zalujniy, thanked the designers of the Ukrainian-made “Bogdan” howitzer, which played an important role in the liberation of the island, as well as foreign partners who provided assistance with means of destruction. The Southern Unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had earlier reported that as a result of the successful operation of the Ukrainian army, the Russians had left Snake Island in two speedboats. As a sign of good faith, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that they had completed the tasks assigned to them on Snake Island and were withdrawing military troops there.

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