The latest situation in the war! Ukraine is evacuating Kiev!

Citizens of Kiev can evacuate the city! Tensions between Russia and Ukraine, which have been at war for months, are growing more and more as time goes on. Dec. As the losses of the Russian army in Ukraine increase, Vladimir Putin is increasing the severity of the war. When the Ukrainian army began to regain the territories occupied by the invading Russian troops, Vladimir Putin changed his target board this time. As is known, the Russian army is damaging many residential areas in the regions it occupies on the territory of Ukraine. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy, on the other hand, had taken this situation to international courts on the grounds that Putin had committed war crimes. It was announced by the Ukrainian authorities that 40 percent of the electrical infrastructure in Kiev was unusable due to the attacks of the Russian military on Kiev in recent days. In addition, electricity and water shortages continue to occur in many regions of the country. Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko, on the other hand, addressed the public by making a statement on this issue. Mayor Klitschko said that if the electrical infrastructure in Kiev is completely damaged, the people of Kiev should be ready to evacuate the city.

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