The Last Stronghold of Ukraine Is Resisting! Putin’s Army has been Repulsed!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues. The war, which began on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has recently intensified in the eastern regions of Ukraine. Both armies have mobilized all their forces to control the region. There was a flash development in the area, which was the scene of bloody clashes.As the advance of the Russian army continues Zelenskiy’s advisor Oleksiy Arestovych signed a confession-like statement about Lysychansk, which was described as the ‘last fortress in the east’. Noting that their occupation of Sievierodonetsk gave the Russians a new strategic advantage, Arestovych noted that Lysychansk could also fall into the hands of Russian forces.

According to the Ukrainian adviser, the occupation of Sievierodonetsk offered the Russian forces the opportunity to cross the river and enter Lysychansk from the north.

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