The Invading Russians Are Starting to Back Down! Ukraine Is Succeeding

New developments in the grain corridor agreement! Russia can’t do anything this time. Vladimir Putin, who has been unjustly engaged in invasion attacks against Ukraine since February 24, has now stopped attacking Ukraine’s ports after falling back in the war. Ukraine, which also left the negotiating table with the Grain Corridor victory, has launched three more new ships. As the country that manages the ship’s security, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense made the announcement via its official Twitter account. “The Panamanian-flagged ship NAVISTAR, which was going to Ireland from Ukraine and was carrying 33 thousand tons of corn, departed from the Port of Odessa.

The ship will be inspected by the Joint Coordination Center in the north of Istanbul.” The Ministry of National Defense announced that 3 ships carrying a total of 58 thousand tons of corn from Ukrainian ports were moving to go to Turkey, Great Britain and Ireland. the second ship carrying 13 thousand tons of corn also departed from the Port of Chernomorsk for the UK from Ukraine. The course of the Maltese-flagged ship “Rojen” is also being monitored by the Joint Coordination Center from time to time.

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