The Invading Putin is Fighting for His Life! His Condition Is Deteriorating

Former British spy Steele claimed that Russian President Putin’s health is getting worse and he is constantly walking around with a team of doctors. Former British spy Christopher Steele has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “increasingly ill” and that a team of doctors is “constantly accompanying him.” Steele, who wrote a dossier on former US President Donald Trump and Moscow’s alleged interference in the 2016 US election, had previously suggested that Putin was “quite seriously ill,” but said he had no knowledge of the detail of the illness. Steele’s latest remarks come amid growing allegations that Putin is in poor health. “Putin is constantly walking around with a team of doctors,” the former spy told LBC radio.” said. In addition, Steele, who said that Putin’s key meetings were Decoupled, claimed that Putin had been meeting with doctors in between and receiving treatment.

There had been reports in the British press that Putin had cancer or was battling Parkinson’s disease. The Kremlin, on the other hand, announced that Putin was in good health.

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