THE HALL HAS BEEN EVACUATED! Putin Attended the Funeral with a Nuclear Bag!

Russian President Vladimir Putin,

he attended the funeral of Vladimir Jirinovsky, a far-right politician who died on April 6.
Putin’s bodyguards had a nuclear bag in their hands.
The hall was evacuated,Putin attended the funeral.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the funeral of far-right Russian politician Vladimir Jirinovsky.

The hall was completely evacuated for security reasons before Putin’s visit.Then the Russian leader entered the hall with his bodyguards.

Putin laid flowers at the coffin of Jirinovsky.

The Russian leader’s visit also found a place in the world press.Attention was drawn to the black bag in the hands of Putin’s bodyguards.
There was an emphasis on the nuclear threat.
In the bag is allegedly the system that controls Russia’s nuclear weapons.

Jirinovsky, 76,had been diagnosed with the corona virus in recent months.
The Russian politician died in a hospital in Moscow on April 6.

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