The Great Plan from Ukraine Against Russia! The Russian Army May Withdraw!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is ongoing. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, launched on February 24, is in its fifth month, and the Russian army is particularly active in the east of the country It continues to move forward in the Donbas region. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in Ukraine he said the war was “just beginning.” Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov “we are aiming to retake the south of the country with NATO’s weapons support and a military force of about a million people,” he said. Speaking to the Times newspaper published in the UK, Reznikov said that in order to save the Ukrainian economy, the south of the country, He said it was vital that areas along the Black Sea coast were retaken.

Reznikov thanked the United Kingdom, which provided Ukraine with weapons and air defense support at the NATO level, he stressed that aid and arms deliveries should be accelerated. It is worth noting that Ukraine had to settle for Soviet-era weapons before that “We need more support to protect our soldiers,” Reznikov said. Every day we spend waiting for Howitzer cannons, we can lose hundreds of our soldiers,” he said. Reznikov said, “We have about 700 thousand soldiers in our army. This includes the national guard, the police service and border protection when we add their teams, we have a military force of almost a million people,”he said.

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