The Front Has Been Taken Against Putin! Critical Russia Statement from the EU!

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues.Sanctions is increasing with each passing day.President of the European Union Commission Ursula von der Leyen, He said that the EU should be prepared for the possibility that Russia will completely cut off natural gas. Von der Leyen spoke at a press conference in Strasbourg, France, where the Plenary sessions of the European Parliament are being held. Referring to the supply of energy, von der Leyen said: “Our gas supply is, first of all, from Russia towards reliable suppliers we are diversifying. Our efforts are already making a big difference.” said. Since March, global LNG exports from Russia to Europe have increased by 75 percent compared to 2021 von der Leyen said that LNG exports from the United States to the EU have almost tripled.

Von der Leyen said: “The EU should be prepared for further interruptions of the gas flow and even a complete cessation of Russian gas., “he said. The number of EU countries currently affected by the cuts is 12, von der Leyen said, reiterating that they will therefore announce an emergency plan in the middle of the month. Von der Leyen said: “We need to ensure that gas flows to the place where it is most needed in the event of a complete outage. We must have European solidarity, protect the common Sunday.”he spoke in the form of.

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