The fire is not going out in the Kremlin! The screaming continues to rise!

In the Kremlin Palace, in the most Decently paid place in Russia, discussions between Russian rulers are continuing. Especially in the country, the Decaying economy and the fact that the war is going on longer than expected are seen as the main reason for the discussions between the rulers. According to the latest allegations, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov is discussing with Russian officials who find Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decisions unnecessary and have begun to question his orders, and these discussions can sometimes turn into loud quarrels.

According to the latest allegation, one of these discussions took place between Dmitry Peskov and a senior official working at the Russian Finance Ministry. Dec. Although no news has been made about the issue, the allegations have found great resonance on social media accounts within Russia. What do you think about these conflicts within the Kremlin?

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