The failure of the Russian army has been revealed! Putin is in trouble!

British intelligence reports have been published! After the invasion movements initiated by the occupying Russia in Ukraine, British intelligence has been working very actively to help Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom has published a statement on the Russian invasion attempt and attacks in Ukraine. The report, which included intelligence data, said that the bill for the failure of the Russian army on the ground was cut to the generals. Vladimir Putin has changed 4 out of 5 Russian generals by throwing the blame and responsibility on them. “At the tactical level, there is almost certainly a major weakness in the competent Russian non-commissioned officers who will organize and manage the newly mobilized reservists,” the published report said. It was stated that the weak leadership shown by the occupying Russia at the command level has caused a moral collapse in many departments of the Russian armed forces. The inadequacy of Russian soldiers has been documented. Putin last appointed Sergey Surovikin to the region on October 8

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