The end of Putin has come! The US Army is in Ukraine

US troops landed in Ukraine! The troops that Joe Biden sent to Ukraine are standing ready in Ukraine. Things get a lot more heated in war. New support has arrived in Ukraine in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war since February 24. A flash move came from the USA 80 years later. All 4,700 troops from the Fort Campbell base in Kentucky are deployed on the border with Ukraine. US Brigadier General John Lubas stated that they could enter the region if the war between the two countries escalates Decisively. While the risk of war between NATO and Russia is increasing, US commanders announced that they are ready to fight against the invading Russia, Decrying “we are ready to enter Ukraine”. The US army’s 101st airborne division has deployed to Europe for the first time in 80 years. The commander of the unit, John Lubas, stated that US soldiers are ready for battle at any moment. Commander Lubas, who said that they are ready to defend NATO territory, announced that they will defeat Russia in battle.

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