The Detail that Shocked the World at the Russian Ceremony! Putin does not stop

Ahead of the “Victory Day”, which will be celebrated on May 9 in Russia, the Russian army held a rehearsal of a military parade on Red Square. Victory Day is being carefully watched by the whole world this year because of the war in Ukraine. While Russian President Vladimir Putin is also expected to make important statements at the ceremony, the ballistic missile that was unveiled attracted all the attention.

Putin issued a blood-curdling warning to the West and showcased his thermonuclear missiles on Red Square. Russia is preparing for a Victory Day parade as its military continues its carnage in Ukraine. Thousands of soldiers took part in rehearsals for Victory Day, which will be celebrated on Monday, while soldiers in the army who fought on the front lines were in the Donbass region. The Ballistic Missile, the name of which is RS-24 Yars, which experts believe can carry up to 10 warheads, was exhibited at a parade rehearsal today. According to military experts, this missile is capable of carrying 10 warheads. Yevhen Yenin, Ukraine’s first deputy interior minister, warned that the symbolic date of Victory Day is akin to ‘showing the red color to the bull’ for Putin, who desperately needs to achieve victory, recalling the victims of world war II, adding that Russia is ‘preparing to dance on bones in Mariupol’.

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