The Decision That will Bring Putin to his Knees! It’s Jaw-dropping

The US Congress is preparing huge assistance to Ukraine, which is resisting the Russian invasion. The Speaker of the House of Representatives has raised Joe Biden’s $33 billion bid. The $40 billion package for Ukraine was approved, with 57 votes in favor versus 368 against. So what’s in the contents of the help package?

The package includes $ 6 billion in assistance in the form of training, equipment and weapons support. About $ 9 billion has also been allocated for the renovation of US equipment previously sent to Ukraine, and 4 billion dollars will be sent to Ukraine, as well as to the countries affected by the war. 14 billion dollars will also be given to Ukraine as part of humanitarian and economic support. there are two more steps for sending $ 40 billion in aid to Ukraine. The bill will go to the senate first.Here, the support of at least 10 Republicans is required, as well as Democrats. If the Senate approves the aid package, the bill will be submitted to president Biden.

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