The Decision that Changed the Course of the War from Ukraine! Putin Is Cornered!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is ongoing. There has been a critical development. The Conservative Party, which had to give up its seat with the political crisis that broke out in the country, and Boris Johnson, who resigned as president, remains the number one item on the agenda all over the world. The claim made in the British press is quite striking. List of consultants in the British government Boris Johnson is counting down the days to go to Ukraine, according to media reports. The British Prime Minister has been a strong supporter of the Ukrainian president since the first outbreak of war.

Advisers, on the other hand, suggested the idea of this embassy because of Johnson’s close relationship with Volodimir Zelenski. According to the general opinion in the UK, Johnson can be an intermediary in military assistance to Ukraine and in peace negotiations. The prime minister has been a strong supporter of the Ukrainian president since war first broke out in the country following the invasion of Russia in February this year. It is alleged that former high-ranking government advisers put forward this idea because of his close relationship with Volodimir Zelenskiy and his basic knowledge of the situation.

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