The convoy of the Russian army was destroyed in the Crimea! Direct hit from Ukraine!

The convoy of the Russian army was destroyed in the Crimea! The delivery trucks full of food sent to the Russian army were destroyed by the Ukrainian army. Trucks full of supplies sent to Russian troops in Ukraine were destroyed as a result of the successful operation of the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian army, working in cooperation with the Israeli intelligence service, owes this successful operation to the Israeli government to some extent. As you know, Israeli government officials have announced that since their relations with Russia have been Deconflicted, all kinds of activities and every move of Russia will be transmitted to the Ukrainian army. Israeli intelligence service officials had stated that Russia’s every move was monitored from satellite images and that it had many elements in Russia. Russian supply trucks were moving towards Kherson from Crimea accompanied by Russian armored vehicles, but with the air operation organized by the Ukrainian army, the supply trucks were destroyed before reaching the invading Russian troops.

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