The connecting roads between Ukraine-Europe were destroyed!

Russia is not backing down. According to a report in the British daily the Sun, Russian military forces have hit the supply lines in the western part of Ukraine. The first official statement from Ukraine regarding the details of the report came from Ukrainian official Anton Gerashchenko and the governor of Lviv, Maksym Kozytskyy. Both officials confirmed the news of the attack, stressing that the Russian army’s attack was aimed at neutralizing the railway and destroying supply lines. According to the information received, hipersonic missiles were used in the attack.

The report said ‘the NATO supply line within Ukraine was attacked by a hipersonic missile’. Missiles launched from a Russian warship in the Black Sea have been confirmed to have hit the Beskydy railway tunnel in the Carpathian Mountains. Russian sources have announced that the attacks were carried out by Kalibr missiles. These hipersonic warheads were previously used in March to attack the Ukrainian military infrastructure. The targeted railway tunnel connects Ukraine to NATO member Slovakia. The railway is the main transport line between Lviv and the EU.

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