The claim that shook the world! Putin will use nuclear weapons on the United States!

Nuclear missile prophecy from the USA! Nouriel Roubini, also known as Doctor Doom, has announced the first city that will be the target of a nuclear missile. While there are very tense hours between the West and the occupying Russia, the latest news from Russia shows that this tension will increase even more. While the danger of Nuclear War was waiting for us at the door, a claim that will be talked about a lot came from the United States. Nouriel Roubini, known as Doctor Doom, whose earlier prophecies came true, announced that a Nuclear Missile would be used. Doctor Doom, who said that the occupying Russia could even attack the United States by becoming even more aggressive, announced that the occupying Russia would cause a disaster by detonating a nuclear bomb in Ukraine in the next year, and then the war with NATO would begin. ‘It is not safe to be in New York,’ Roubini said, noting that in such a scenario, the first target of nuclear missiles on US soil would be the country’s financial capital, New York.

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