The CIA is on the move! The Big Move Against Putin

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has published a ‘snitch guide’ for Russians who want to share information about their country. Stating that it targets those who feel compelled in the face of unfair war, the organization explained step by step what those who want to provide information about Russia should do. The agency, which uses the social media platform Instagram to reach Russian informants, has published a series of instructions in Russian on how to establish “secure virtual communication” with the CIA via its official Instagram account.

The post detailed how anonymous communication will be provided within the scope of the highest security level when calling on ‘those who feel compelled in the face of the unfair war of the Russian Government’. It was emphasized in the post that users should use computers with an internet connection independent of their identity instead of their personal computers, thanks to TOR software, anonymous sharing can be done without being tracked. The CIA also warned that users should use browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari in ‘Incognito Mode’ while ‘Making sure updates are made’.

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