The Barbaric Putin Will Be Disgraced All Over the World!

As the Russian invasion of the territory of Ukraine continues, statements like poison come one after another. Zelenskiy, in an interview with Italy’s Rai 1 television channel, assessed the statements of French President Emmanuel Macron about the non-humiliation of both sides after the war and finding a way out for Russia. Stressing that there is no need to look for a way out for Russia, Zelenskiy said: “Mr Macron is doing this in vain. Russia will not do anything to stop the war, will not look for any way out, unless it wants to and understands that it needs it.” said. Zelenskiy said: “I know that he (French President Macron) wanted to achieve some results in mediation, but he couldn’t find it. And not from our side, but from Russia., ” he said.

Noting that they will not compromise their sovereignty to save the “image” of Russian President Putin, Zelenskiy said: “It is not very correct from the point of view of some leaders to suggest to me some things related to the concession of our sovereignty to save the “image” of President Putin.” he used his statements. Noting that the act of “reconciliation” initiated by Pope Francis with the flags of Ukraine and Russia was unacceptable for them, Zelenskiy said: “The flag of Russia, this is the flag that killed us and continues to kill us. At the moment, the Russian flag means the only thing to us, and that is annexation. I cannot calculate the size of the apology that Russia should ask us for. It was difficult for us when the Pope proposed to take action with two flags.”

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