The Audio Recording Has Leaked! Putin May Withdraw

We have entered the 80th day of the war Dec Russia and Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has not been off the agenda with his decisions and statements since the first day of the invasion, has also made headlines this time regarding his health. In fact, the news about the health of Vladimir Putin made headlines much earlier than the start of the Ukrainian war. However, the Russian leader, who has had to go in front of the cameras many times during the last two and a half months when we are in the middle of a hot war, has once again sat at the center of rumors of illness with his attitude and physical condition examined from all angles.

According to audio recordings seized and published by New Lines magazine, the answer to this question is yes. In the recording, which is said to have been obtained by a Western investor and delivered to New Lines magazine, one of the two Russian oligarchs who spoke to each other can be heard saying that Putin has Blood Cancer. The senior Oligarch says that Putin’s measures on Covid and the meaning of the long tables where he sits people who visit him are due to the surgery and treatment he has undergone.

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