The Announcement of Russia Shocked the World! Unlimited Requests

A flash statement came from Moscow as supply chains shaken by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine triggered shortages and hunger in various parts of the world. Russia has announced its requirement to allow ships carrying food to leave Ukrainian ports. The Russian invasion of Ukraine triggered and accelerated the impending global food crisis, with large quantities of grain and other essential goods remaining in warehouses. Ukraine, the largest grain exporter in Europe, could not provide grain due to the war conditions, while the economies that were already struggling globally began to experience more difficult conditions. Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea have been closed since Russia’s invasion on February 24, leaving millions of tons of grain stranded in Ukraine.

Russia has announced its condition, stating that it can put an end to this situation, which, so to speak, causes the world to be alarmed. Russia has said it will allow ships carrying food exports to leave Ukraine if some sanctions are lifted, Business Insider reported. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko made the following statements on Wednesday; ‘We have repeatedly commented on the issue and said that solving the food issue will require a comprehensive approach, including the lifting of sanctions on Russian exports and financial transactions.’

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