The amateur Russian general was disgraced! The lies of the Russian army have been exposed!

Recently, a photo of a commander of the occupying Russian army taken with closed binoculars has become the subject of discussion. Comments from users were not delayed where the image of the incident was shared, in some comments the comments of the Russian army, which admitted that it had failed in the face of Ukraine, were included, while in some comments it was mentioned that there might be a secret message.

It is also believed that encountering such images while events are in this state is a reaction of the Russian front to the Kremlin administration due to the difficulties of the war and the imposition of coercive tasks. The Kremlin administration continues to focus on its new goals, as if unaware of the events, however, it is predicted that most Russian army soldiers will develop in the near future, and the Russian media have also made some leaks about this. What do you think about the strategies of the Kremlin administration?

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