The Act that Shocked Putin from the Earth! Russia has Been Targeted!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is ongoing. Russia, on the other hand, continues to be excluded.The Russian foreign minister on Thursday, It is the first major that Russia has gone abroad since its invasion of Ukraine he was greeted coldly when he arrived for the meeting in Bali, Indonesia, on his trip. After Sergey Lavrov was ostracized by Western leaders who refused to be seen with him he also didn’t take a photo with anyone at the G20 summit yesterday and didn’t take part in traditional ‘family photo’ poses.

Lavrov insisted in a statement after the events that he did not want to be photographed. He told Russian state television that “No one will be photographed with me or with me as for the news that he won’t be meeting, I haven’t asked anyone to take a photo with me,” she said.

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