That Person Has Left Russia! Putin Was Left Alone!

After Russia launched a large-scale invasion offensive against Ukraine, Kazakhstan decided to reconsider its relations with the Kremlin. According to The Wall Street Journal, when the Russian army attacked Ukraine, Kazakhstan announced that it would remain neutral in the war instead of “thanking Russia for supporting the invasion” for the military support it had sent to the country to suppress its anti-government protests; Putin left Russia alone.

The article published in the WSJ says that for many years a “division of labor” has been practiced in Kazakhstan that has not been Dec between Russia and China. According to this “business section”, Moscow was putting security first. And Beijing, on the other hand, was interested in the economic development of the country. But after the war began in Ukraine, the situation changed. November April At the end of April, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe visited Kazakhstan and met with President Kas Decem Generous Tokayev. The parties agreed to increase military cooperation during the meeting.

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