That Country Scared Putin! Russia is Worried!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.Critical statements from Russia,Lavrov, Establishment of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and Belarus Dec 30. he visited Minsk, the capital of Belarus, on the occasion of the anniversary.Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Lavrov, who made the assessments at a joint press conference held after his meeting with Makei, “We are serious about NATO’s activities in the immediate vicinity of our borders, especially in the Baltic States and Poland concerned about the way we are.

Our common opinion is that such actions have a clearly confrontational character, and It is believed that this will lead to a further escalation and disintegration of tensions in the European security sphere.” he used his statements. The Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe declared in the late 1990s and in 2010 “the indivisibility of security Lavrov, who said that he had destroyed the “principle”of the West, thus, “no state at the expense of endangering its own security others he buried the principle of ‘should not strengthen’ with his actions., “he said.

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