That Country Is Involved in the War! An Emergency Alarm has Been Raised!

It was announced that the Armed Forces of the occupying Russian Federation have deployed October forces and air defense systems on the territory of the Republic of Belarus in the directions of Volin and Polissia. By the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine via Facebook that was released on August 7, 2022, according to a statement Siverskiy out of it in the direction of the Russian army, and in Novi vyrky region Sumi settlements and areas in the region Cernigiv Hai Hremiach shelled with artillery fire. In the direction of Kharkov, the Russian army launched a cannon and rocket attack along the entire contact line. Russian troops launched air strikes with military helicopters near Verkhniy Saltiv and Pryshyb.

In the direction of Slovyansk, the Russians set fire to Velyka Komyshuvaha, Druzhkivka, Virnopillia, Sulyhivka, Karnaukhivka, Ridne, Dibrivne, Hrushuvaha, Bohorodychne, Nortsivka and Zalyman using cannons of various types. It was also quoted that Russian forces also deployed electronic warfare systems to suppress the conduct of aerial reconnaissance. It was noted that the Russian army conducted unsuccessful offensives and air strikes in certain areas.

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