That Country Has Declared War on Russia!

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia’s St. At the Konstantinovsky Palace in the city of St. Petersburg, he held a meeting with the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko. One of the most important issues of the meeting was Lithuania’s imposition of restrictions on the railway network from Kaliningrad to the territory of Russia Lukashenko said about this that this could be a declaration of war. Lukashenko also said, “This looks like a declaration of war. It is unacceptable in the modern world. We are very stressed about the policies that our neighbors follow. In general, a conflict policy is being pursued under the leadership of Poland and Lithuania, he said. Considering Lukashenko’s statements, tensions between Dec and Lithuania may escalate in the near future. It has been on the agenda for some time that different countries may be involved in the war. What do you guys think about this? Don’t forget to write your thoughts in the comments section.

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