That Country Could Go to War! The Brazen Move from Putin!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is ongoing. The tension jumped from Lithuania to Estonia, a helicopter belonging to the Russian army crashed in two he crossed the line for minutes. Russia has announced that it will not only provide Lithuania with a diplomatic response. The crisis ignited when Russia’s separate land from the mainland was partially cut off from its access to Kaliningrad, It is getting out of control with missiles launched by Putin and a helicopter that a NATO country has put into it. The European Union (EU) and NATO member Lithuania have imposed a ban on Russian trains heading to Kaliningrad over the weekend. Implementing EU sanctions targeting Moscow The Vilnius administration prevented freight trains from transporting products such as coal, jet fuel, building materials.

Lithuania’s decision led to a collision of lightning-laden clouds over the Baltic Sea, Moscow he announced that he would take action otherwise, calling for the restrictions to be lifted ‘immediately’. Lithuania and the EU his representatives were summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, while Nikolay Patrushev, one of the closest figures to Vladimir Putin, went to Kaliningrad in a hurry. Patrushev, who is the chairman of the Security Council, which has a huge influence in Russia, will apply to Moscow he said that retaliation would have a serious negative impact on the Lithuanian population.

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