That Country Could Go to War! Putin’s Plans Are Broken!

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues.Critical statements came from Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenskiy is the 26th chairman of The Economist.He spoke at the annual Government Roundtable. Volodimir Zelenskiy said that they should speak the truth clearly, adding: “From the territory of Belarus to Ukraine a lot – rockets were launched at various ranges. But we understand that this is not the decision of the Belarusian people, and Belarus we believe that his people should do everything not to get involved in this war,” he said. Zelenskiy noted that responsible people should not remain silent about this issue, saying: “These shots are ours, not ours we cannot say that the Russian Federation is making it from our land. I think this is unfair,” he said.

Zelenskiy also referred to provocations that Belarus may be involved in the war against his country “But we still believe that Belarus will not enter this war,” he said, pointing out.

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