That Country Could Go to War! Putin is Helpless!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues. President of Ukraine Zelensky Minister of Defense of the Republic of Poland Mariusz He met with Blaszczak in the capital, Dec. President Zelensky made a statement on his social media account regarding the conversation, “the Polish Ministry of Defense supports the Ukrainian army. Such support will help our countries to cope with this difficult it is a clear confirmation that you are together in time.” he used the expression. In addition, Zelensky thanked Polish Defense Minister Blaszczak for his visit and assistance to Ukraine.

At the same time, he added that after the end of the war Dec by the invading Russia in Ukraine, relations between Ukraine and Poland will become even stronger. On the other hand, the Polish Defense Minister thanked President Zelenskiy, saying: “We will continue to be together during this period of war and in a difficult process., ” he said.

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