Statements from Europe that Shocked Putin! Russia Is In Trouble!

Welcome to Sinyor news Russia continues to attack Ukraine.And the reactions to Putin continue to rain down. British Defense Minister Ben Wallace called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “lunatic” with “short stature syndrome”. In a statement, Defense Minister Wallace said that “President Putin’s view of himself and the world is that he is a short man and I think it’s a macho point of view,” he said. Wallace said, “But I think the main difficulty here is that the Russian system somehow allows some states to it is because he has the opinion that he has fewer rights than others, and his rights do not count. If they want to place themselves in a new history, they think that the way to do this is violence and invasion.

And I think that’s something to worry about,” he said. Wallace, who also used the phrase “crazy” for Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, said: “To be fair, A spokesman for the State Department explains every week like a comedy show, calling everyone to denuclearize or something he’s threatening to do it. He’s definitely a lunatic like her,” she said.

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