Statement from Zelensky that Worries the World: Prospect of a Deal Is Decreasing!

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenskiy has said that as long as Russia’s ‘aggression’ continues, the likelihood of success of the negotiations is reduced. “The growing aggression of Russia and the fact that Russia has committed war crimes, including against civilians, reduce the chances of success of the negotiations,” Ukrainian President Zelenskiy said. “Ukrainians and the world have seen what the invaders did to Bucha and Borodyanka,

but so far no one knows for sure the scale of the crimes in Mariupol, as there is no access to the city,” Zelenskiy said, giving an interview to Ukrainian media. Zelenskiy stressed that civilian deaths in Bucha and Borodyanka should not be seen again, adding: “The stronger we are, the better the outcome of these negotiations will be. The more Borodyanka-like cases arise, the more chances there will be no actual negotiations. Russia wants everything to be in one document. And people have seen what is happening in Bucha, the circumstances are changing. They are beginning not to look warmly at the agreement with Russia,” he said.

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