Statement from Ukraine: The Russians Are Planting Unexploded Bombs in Kiev!

Officials of the Special Communications and Information Protection Services of Ukraine announced that Russian forces left unexploded ordnance in cars, houses, woods, roads behind as they left the Kiev region. It was announced that the Russian army, which had been retreating from Kiev for some time, had left ready-to-explode ammunition in the places of its withdrawal.

While the authorities warned the public about the issue, they informed them that the work on the destruction of the dropped explosives was underway. On the other hand, it was noted that the explosives were stored inside cabinets, as well as in places near trees.

The Ukrainian authorities warned all residents of the Kiev region to be careful, noting that foreign objects should not be taken, ‘travel’ in unexplored areas, forest roads and footpaths should not be used in the occupied territories, as well as constant monitoring of children. It was stated that explosive experts and rescue teams should not enter homes, workplaces and areas that are not allowed. The authorities announced that the process of destruction of explosives has begun.

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