Sounds of rebellion! Anger at Putin is growing

Putin began to organize fundraising campaigns for the Russian army. The Russian army, which has been occupying Ukrainian territory for 6 months, now seems to be suffering from a shortage of food and equipment. Putin has previously started the search for volunteer soldiers for the army, but this time he is organizing campaigns to meet the needs of the army. The Russian authorities began to advertise on television channels and street posters for a campaign for donations to the Russian army. These ads tell us which accounts Russian people can send money to, but Russian citizens seem extremely confused by this situation.

No one predicted that the Russian army would fall into this situation, the resistance of the Ukrainian army seems to have put the Russian army in an unimaginable state. Despite this, why does Putin not retreat from the territory of Ukraine? American officials made a statement about this, saying that the Russian army stationed on Ukrainian territory is in an extremely depleted state, but Putin is hesitant to withdraw from Ukrainian territory because he is worried that it will become small in the eyes of the world.

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