Shocking detail on the death of Russian generals! Russians are confused

The 71st anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. as the day was entering, a claim came from the world-famous US newspaper The New York Times that would create an agenda. According to the newspaper, part of the 12 Russian generals who lost their lives in the war that began on February 24 were killed thanks to intelligence information provided to Ukraine by the United States.

The New York Times, one of the most prestigious US newspapers, has suggested that some of the 12 Russian generals who have died in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine since Dec. 24 have been killed with the help of US intelligence. According to the newspaper quoted in; The real-time intelligence provided by the United States to the Ukrainian military includes the location of the Russian military’s often-changing mobile headquarters and military operations taken from Russia’s secret war plan. Unnamed sources who spoke to the New York Times did not specify how many of the Russian generals were killed with the help of US intelligence or how information about the operations was obtained. During the visit of Russian Chief of the General Staff Valeri Gerasimov last weekend, it was alleged that US intelligence was not used in the attack on Eastern Ukraine. Adrienne Watson, a spokeswoman for the US National Security Council, said after the news was published that they did not share intelligence with Ukraine with the intention of killing Russian generals.

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