Ruthless Putin does Not Stop! Painful confession from Zelensky

The occupation, which began on February 24 by order of Russian President Putin, has recently been concentrated in the eastern regions of the country. Because Russia, which has set its main goal as the capital of the country Kiev in the war that began on February 24, has surrounded the city but failed to capture it, later, he set his goal in the Donbas. Zelenskiy made a statement about the latest situation in the region, which has been the scene of intense clashes for weeks.

The Ukrainian leader said ‘It’s like Hell out there’ for the Donbas and accused Putin’s forces of trying to kill as many Ukrainians as possible. According to the British newspaper The Independent, Russia, defeated in Kharkiv, has increased its attacks on the Donbas. ‘The Donbas has been completely destroyed,’ Zelenskiy said, stressing that 12 more people have lost their lives in the ‘brutal and absolutely senseless shelling’.

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